Our Austrian stone mill is currently producing whole grain flours milled from Wisconsin grown grains. Most of our loaves in production include our in-house milled flour. Stop back or stay posted on social media for updates. Check us out in the video below on Wisconsin Foodie. Fast forward to 21:40 to hear about our owner Drew chat about our mill!

“It’s interesting, it tastes really good and it gets people thinking about the grain they’re eating,” he said. “That’s what I’m after. With the mill and being able to select different types of grains and varieties of wheat, it gets people thinking a lot more about a really basic food source.” - Drew, co-owner of Madison Sourdough
— http://host.madison.com/ct/entertainment/dining/madison-sourdough-s-new-mill-makes-bread-from-grain-to/article_090bd580-7f94-5ee2-a8d1-77c4b8f027e2.html